Check out my Twitch!

I'll stream random games and chaos, and sometimes some coding or unity work.

Check out my bots!

I have 3 bots running at the moment, only 1 I would consider for public use.

SleepyFoxxo Bot

This bot is created for the private use on FenraVR's Discord server. It serves a multitude of purposes and is constantly updated to add any features needed.

Twitch Bot

This is a Twitch bot that was originally designed for FenraVR but is now placed in close friends chats. It's main use is memey responses, etc. but also allows me to read their chats whilst I stream with them.


This is the only bot I would consider for public use, although partly NSFW. It's mainly a memey bot that performs actions on users.

I mainly program in Python, but also know a variety of other languages such as PHP,SQL,HTML,CSS,JS,LUA,C, and have minor experience in a lot of others. I'm always willing to take on a project.

Check out my Unity Work!

I've only recently started using Unity, using mainly personal projects to help me learn.

FenraVr's OC Avatar

This is the first Avatar i've made where I was just given a .blend (blender 3D model) file and told to make it into a fully functional avatar. The .blend file it'self had some issues that needed to be fixed. So this project has really put me through a lot of learning about 3D models, the VRChat SDK, Unity and how it all works together.